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Month: May 2016

The Start

The Start


This blog is intended to be the ruminations of an almost 50 occasional traveller. I work full time and so look forward to my annual leave and try and make the most of it.

As I have grown older I have discovered the enjoyment of travel and have been lucky enough to be able to afford it, but sometimes I feel I have missed the “opportunity boat”. I would have liked to have been able to travel in my late twenties and thirties in the way I can now. Of course then, I did not have the money, now I seem to have less time. Retirement is still a long long way away and when I next get the time I may not have the energy!

So I make the most of the opportunities I have. My holiday starts in the departure lounge once I have got through the hassle of the security area.


In time I hope to comment on my travels and the issues and challenges I face and will include the mundane to the fantastical.


Watch this space………