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Month: August 2016

Repeat visits

Repeat visits

I tend to travel alone and to organise my own flight and accommodation. I have, in the past, gone on some fantastic holidays that were organised by a company. I have been to Everest this way for example and had a great time.

Sunrise over Everest
Sunrise over Everest

For some reason , over the last few years I have become an independant traveler. The issue that arises for me now is where to go. I traveled to Thailand, and then went again and again and again…..

OK, I went to different places, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, but in each case I find myself returning.

Wat Phra Singh Vihara Laai Kham

Sometimes it is because there is more to see but sometimes it feels that I am doing it for safety. It is a place I know and so I know how to get around, and what to do.

I have had excellent times and met some interesting people. But as I plan another holiday I find myself considering Thailand again. Do I go to Chiang Rai,


Krabi or do I just go back to Bangkok

Why do I keep going back? Well I love the atmosphere and the people so sitting and people watching is always fun. Exploring another Chiang Mai temple is interesting and enlightening but I am not sure.

So I sit here pondering my next holiday. I have some Thai Airways  points to use so I will pass through Thailand but do I go further? More thought needed.