The skill of booking a flight

The skill of booking a flight

I saw an airline flight sale and the deal to Sydney looked great.

I contacted a travel agent I have used in the past and their best price was £100 above the web price. This was surprising as the agent said she understood they had price parity with the airline site.

Anyway, I decided to book online. I worked through the system and got to my credit card details. Before hitting the “buy” button I had a little cold feet and so thought I would just verify the flight details and connections by re-searching the flights. This forced a refresh and return to the beginning of my application. It also repriced the flight at £300 more. I was really frustrated. I tried a different browser and even a different computer as I had read that the systems remembered the quotes but to no avail. the price remained higher. When I was booking, only 2 seats at the sale price remained. Clearly I and the agent had “held” seats and forced the system to reprice.

I gave up and called my travel agent and she efficiently booked my flights at £100 more than the original web price. I was happy….

Then I checked the cost again, it had dropped. I presume that as I “gave up” my online reservation and a seat became available so the price fell back to the original quote.


Moral of the story;

  1. Don’t book when there are only a couple of seats available – get in early. Timing is everything
  2. Check and check and check again and then progress through the booking. Never press the back button.
  3. If unsure trust the experts and accept a slightly higher price – It is still a great deal.
  4. Make a decision, accept it and don’t ruminate on it. Enjoy the thought of the upcoming flight.

This is all new-ish to me. I will get better and more confident.

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