In flight – Hong Kong Bound

In flight – Hong Kong Bound

I am excited. I am en route to Hong Kong on Thai airways via Bangkok.

I know that this is the norm to those experienced travel bloggers but for me this is the first time I have connected to the internet from 35000 feet. I am quite impressed.

It was a very smooth check in and passage through security. I enjoyed Lufthansa Senator lounge in Heathrow terminal 2 main building and then Singapore First Lounge in the satellite. I noted one well known person awaiting the Singapore airways flight.

Slightly chaotic boarding of the flight. The signs announced boarding in the lounge but not at the gate. Then there was little indication of the  various entrances to the gate. It turned out first was deeper into the crowds than business so a bit of a scramble.

Yes, I am flying first. I was able to get a points upgrade.

Once onboard all very smooth. Dom Perignon flowed and far too much food eaten.

I am finishing off a glass as I write. I now post  this from 35000 feet. Sorry for any typos.

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