Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017.

Another year ahead.  A year older and a year closer to retirement but I am not there yet. So I will still need to fit my holidays into the few weeks leave I get per year.

So how will I make the best use of the time? Do I go long haul for a couple of weeks or shorter haul for a week?


I have already decided on one trip in January. Long haul for a short time!


Yes, I have been before and had such an enjoyable time I am going again.

Thankfully my holidays start at the airport so I consider even such a long haul fun. I hope I will still feel this when I arrive.

I am flying Thai Airways; London to Bangkok and then with about a 2 hour break in the airport I take the connecting flight to Sydney so I lose 2 days on the outward journey.


I’m not sure where I am going to stay. I’ve booked a cancelled one hotel as I was able to get a better price for the same place a few weeks later. I am looking at other hotels and I am not sure whether it is best to book directly with the hotel or through my American Express Travel Service. I can get better deals if I book a non-refundable tariff but I do not want to do that and commit.

I think I will do this closer to the time unless prices have skyrocketed.

What to do

The last time I visited I used the ferries and visited all around the harbour

I am keen to go back to some places like Manly and explore a bit more. It has also been suggested that I should visit the Blue Mountains. I came across a newspaper article recently recommending them as well but I am not sure whether I should make a day trip or stay overnight. This might affect whether I book a full week’s accommodation in Sydney or not.

So much planning, but so little time!!

2017 here I come.

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