Heathrow Terminal 2 Lounges

Heathrow Terminal 2 Lounges

I am really looking forward to my upcoming holiday to Australia. It starts at Heathrow Terminal 2. I am considering  which lounges to use.

I will be flying with Thai Airways in Business Class. This means I can use the Star Alliance Lounges and so I get a fair bit of choice.

My frustration with the design of T2 is that many International flights, mine included, leave from the satellite. This is a long long way from the main departure hall and is really not a very exciting place. There are some good lounge however.


T2 Main Departure Hall

Once I have walked there I do not want to walk back to the main departure hall so I plan to spend some time in the main hall before I trek to the departure gate. Lufthansa has quite a nice lounge in the main hall. I have been there before and quite like it. Interestingly the Senator lounge for use by first class ticket holders and some elite status holders often seems more crowded than the business class section and I am not convinced the service, food or beverages or even the surroundings are much better. The last time I used the Lufthansa lounge I stayed in a quiet and restful business class section and found this more enjoyable.

Once I have had my fill of the Germanic design and have mooched around the shops I will make my way down long escalators, even longer travelators and up another set of escalators to the satellite departure gate area.


T2 Satellite

There I have a choice of United Club, SilverKris and Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges.

The United Club is very nice with, apparently, the longest serviced bar in Heathrow. It seems to be the default lounge for many airlines including Thai Airways. Consequently the lounge often seems to be very crowded.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris is also available to me. I have been lucky enough to use their first class lounge in the past and this is excellent. The last time I travelled I went to their  business class lounge. This was certainly quieter than the United lounge but I found it rather depressing. It was quite dark. The small bar was serviced but when I last went there there was no one at the bar. The food choice was also poor.

I have been to the Maple Leaf Lounge before but quite a while ago and I really cannot remember much about it. I do have a vague memory that I preferred the United but I am not sure.


So My Decision is…

I will get through security and then go to the Lufthansa Lounge. I plan to relax there for a bit and do a bit of window shopping in the main departure hall. Once I get to the satellite I will try the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. If this is not to my taste then at least I can use United’s if I can find a seat.

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