Manly Beach – Sydney, Australia

Manly Beach – Sydney, Australia

I like Manly. Last time I came i thought it was a lovely place with a spectacular walk to the North Head of the Sydney Harour entrance.

So I wanted to visit again this time. I also wanted to explore Manly a bit more so I decided to walk up the North coast and the ocean side beaches.


Suburbs and Suburbs

I arrived by the iconic Manly ferry – about 30 minutes from Circular Quay. This is a fantastic way to see the Eastern Harbour.

On reaching Manly I was reminded that it is quite built up. From the quay I walked up the main street and reached the beach with is rolling waves.

I had come before 9am, albeit on a weekend, and yet the place was busy with people surfing, swimming, playing sport, jogging or simply walking their dogs.

I walked the length of the beach and then weaved through residential roads to reach beach after beach after beach. All similarly busy. Many beaches had activities for kids, particularly junior lifeguard training.

I was unable to find a coastal path and t became somewhat tiring walking along streets of houses, although it was a pleasant surprise on reaching another beach.


Dee Why – far enough

I made it to Dee Why beach and decided that was far enough, This was a busy place with some beach side cafes and shops and looked quite a nice community,

I was able to catch a bus back to Manly from here.


To the Spit.

I then decided to follow a waymarked path along the harbour side coast to The Spit at Mosman. This proved to be an enjoyable 10km walk although quite hard going in places.

There were great views of the harbour entrance

As well as local wildlife!


There was also a good view over Manly showing hoax narrow the place is, between the harbourside and ocean side.

Once I reached The Spit I crossed the bridge. This is low level and still needs to open to let yachts through.

I caught a bus back to the city and a rest.


Manly – Is it still a yes?

Yes. I still like it. I was impressed with the suburbs and so great beaches but Manly itself and the walk to North Head are great and preferred.


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