Cronulla, Bundeena and the National Park

Cronulla, Bundeena and the National Park

Visit this place.


Getting there

Cronulla is easy to reach about 1 hour out of Sydney on the T4 line.

You can then catch the oldest timetabled ferry in Australia. This was launched in 1939.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach Bundeena.

Bundeena is a small village which is the jumping off point for walks through the National Park which is apparently the second largest only to Yellowstone.


The National Park

My visit only scraped the surface and one tiny corner. You could walk for miles and miles.

Choose you paths carefully. One I followed turn out to be soft sand and was energy sapping. Others are rock or much firmer.


I have no idea if anything is poisonous. There were some moderate sized spiders that  I came across.



There were many birds from parrots and cockatoos to others I could hear but not see.

There are also bigger animals such as Wombats. These excrete cube shaped faeces. I did seem some and can confirm this is true but will not post the picture!!


The Coast

The sandstone rocks have been shaped and patterned by the wind and sea  and are quite spectacular.



Whilst Bundeena is small and with only a few shops and cafes, Cronulla is a good sized town with decent shops in number and quality. It certainly would be a very nice place to live.

I believe that other parts of Port Hacking contain some of the most spectacular and expensive properties in Greater Sydney so you would have well to do neighbours if you could afford to live in Cronulla.

The beaches were also pleasant and I even had a swim.


So this is is a really  pleasant area to visit and you could spend a very long time exploring the park.

And all within a train ride of Sydney.


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