American Express Lounge – Sydney Airport

American Express Lounge – Sydney Airport

On my way home from Australia I decided to have a look into the American Express Lounge in Sydney Airport.

This has had a good write up by others.


As a Platinum card holder I was able to access the lounge free. There was a large placard in the reception of all the accepted American Express cards – and there were loads!


The Lounge

On entering the lounge it was quite light with windows overlooking the airport tarmac. I wondered down the lounge to the food and drinks area. I was then struck that it was not very big.

It was moderately crowded although I was able to find a comfortable seat. Armchairs are by the windows and against the wall opposite and in the middle is a long set of tables and chairs with power access for computers etc

There was a small food area serving and hot and cold food. It looked quite nice although I didn’t try any as I was “saving” myself for the onslaught of food on my 24 hour return flights to the UK. I did have a gin and tonic and was pleased to see they were serving Hendricks gin.

The toilet was a weird affair with an electronic sliding door and once inside you had to press a button to lock the door. There were large signs about this so presumabaly many an accidental door opening had occurred!


In conclusion

This was a small but pleasant lounge with a nice food and drink selection. It was a little crowded and hence not as relaxing as it could have been if it were a bit more spacious.

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