Funky Eva Air Lounge – Bangkok

Funky Eva Air Lounge – Bangkok

When I landed in Bangkok after leaving Sydney the gate was at the other end of the airport to the departure gate for my London flight.

As I was making my way to across the airport I noticed the Eva Air Lounge. I was able to access this with my Star Alliance Gold card.


The Lounge

it is really funky with strips of neon lights. I almost felt as if i were in a hall of mirrors. The lights were rather confusing and slightly disorientating.



However, it was funky and refreshing . Very different to others more staid lounges I have explored. It was quite comfortable with a fairly decent selection of self service food and drink



It doesn’t have a view of the airport hence the dynamic lighting.


Sadly I could not stay too long as the walk across the airport to the C gates for my London departure were calling.



This was an interesting and fresh and different lounge. It really made me think about flying Eva Air or at least nest time I go to Bangkok to get to the airport early to spend more time there.

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