Planning what to do in a new city – Thorough Research or Ad Lib

Planning what to do in a new city – Thorough Research or Ad Lib

I am off to Kuala Lumpur soon. should I plan what I will  do or not?

Usually when I go somewhere I do some research and plan what I want to visit. Typically this is not too structured or deep. Generally a few notes from the Lonely Planet guides and a skim of the internet.

When I arrive with guide book in hand I start to wonder around and every so often follow a recommended route in the guide book.

Various blogs seem to advise thorough and expansive research whilst others suggest none. As in many aspects of travel what suits one is terrible for another person. I usually like some idea of a plan. I hate to think I might have missed some spectacular sight.


My plans for Kuala Lumpur

So far they have been a zero.

I have been pretty busy recently and have had little time to delve into the guides or internet. I did buy a guide book, but have yet to open it.


I am only there for a few days so I think I will play it by ear.

I will ask around at the hotel, take their advice and go with the flow.


And the reality will be….

I make it sound so so laid back. But I am sure I will have a sneaky peek at the guide book on the way so at least I have the bare bones of an idea of where to go.


Watch out KL. Here I come.


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