Emirates Lounge – Dubai. Is it really a lounge?

Emirates Lounge – Dubai. Is it really a lounge?

To save you reading further the answer, in my opinion, is NO.


It is a massive place that spans the entire terminal a couple of floors above the main concourse.

It is pleasant enough but parts are as busy as the main gates. You can board from the lounge so you do not have to mix with coach. However, it essentially mirrors the gate set up 2 floors below.

It is busy at the gates and resemble a slightly posher gate waiting area with slightly more comfortable chairs.


There are quieter areas


Yes it has free food and drink.


It is certainly better than the main concourse but has absolutely no atmosphere above that of a waiting area.

Lounges in other airports at least have some character. This has none.

I will of course use it over waiting in the main concourse gate are and partake of the amenities. However, I will look forward to boarding my plane as soon as I can.



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