Elite status – Likelihood of room upgrade

Elite status – Likelihood of room upgrade

How often do people with elite status that states upgrade get it?

I have elite status with a couple of hotel chains and have paid for hotels through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts bookings.

In all these cases the booking states that there will be an upgrade “if available”.

I do not think I have travelled at particularly busy periods but it is fair to say that I reckon I have been upgraded no more than 50% of the time.


50% – is this good odds?

I have no idea whether getting an upgrade half the time is good or not. On some of the blogs I read I the distinct impression that some people get upgraded almost all the time, even to suites at times.

When I have been upgraded the room has been good and I, of course, have been very pleased.


Am I being paranoid?

I know that I am not a famous blogger, film star, rich business man, politician or an incredibly heavy user of the hotels so I suppose I do not get any VIP annotation to my booking. This must mean I am low on the pecking order of elite status holders to be offered an upgrade. Or am I being overly paranoid.


Keep trying

As I continue my travels I will continue to offer my loyalty and keep a running total of my successes and I will update these comments in the future.

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