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Month: June 2017

The vagaries of hotel booking sites

The vagaries of hotel booking sites

I am off on my travels soon and was looking to book some hotels.

In one place I am going I cannot find any well known hotel chain so instead of booking direct to get loyalty points with the hotel I thought I would look at these hotel agency sites particularly those that give some benefits such as airline points etc.

Interestingly I ended up on one site and looked at pricing for the same hotel and dates using my pc and my ipad. To my surprise the prices were different.This seemed odd as I was looking at the quotes simultaneously


Is this dynamic pricing?

I found this irritating. Is this what is known as dynamic pricing?

The only thing different was the IP address. but it was 2 computers. I suppose I was logged in on both so the system could see it was the same “logee” looking on 2 computers. The prices were only a few pounds apart but why any difference at all?



I suppose it shows the vagaries of the system and that pricing is so variable; whether you use a hotel website, a web trawling or price comparison site. Many sites will all take commission and it seems this is complex and so prices are very likely to vary from computer to computer as well as minute to minute.

Again I feel frustrated as a user but that I simply have to accept this. Do my research and press “buy” accepting that had I searched a few minutes later or even on a different computer I might have got a different price.


“A gap year for every resume”

“A gap year for every resume”

I am starting to feel really old!!

As I write this I am listening to a live webcast about the digital nomadic life.

So far I have listened to comments about teaching English and house sitting. All explaining how to live on the internet rather than be country based. Otherwise known as “location independent”

The presentations are from a group of entrepreneurial young people. I wish they had included older people as they have a huge experience to offer.


However I struggle to frequently use the word “awesome”. It seems that if you work on the internet then it is de rigeur to constantly say “awesome”.


“A gap year to every resume”

I have just heard this comment. I never had a gap year and would encourage anyone to take a gap year whatever you plan to work, not specifically internet working. This is a completely appropriate comment.


An older gap year

It is clear to me that a gap year at any age is important.

I am not sure “awesome” needs to be said every 10th word but some of the comments are really interesting and are equally applicable to someone int heir 20s, 30s 40s 50s or even 60s.


Although rather promotional the comments are interesting and I would suggest listening