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Month: August 2017

Any room for clothes?

Any room for clothes?

I am currently sitting in a rather small room in a Mercure Hotel. No upgrade, again, despite my platinum status. Hotels always seem to be full when I book which is unlike other bloggers who always seem to get upgraded.


Wardrobe for clothes or what?

Anyway, my comment today is not about this but the wardrobe. I was mildly amused by seeing it full with a fan, iron, ironing board and safe.


Where do you put the clothes?

Thank goodness I was only here for a night and had nothing to hang. If I had needed anything smart I suppose I could have ironed them before wearing as I would have had to store them creased in my suitcase!

Safe – anything but

I also noticed the safe was secured to the back of the wardrobe by a single small and flimsy screw. So not so safe.

Smile through grittted teeth!

So at least there was some amusement to overcome the irritation of a small doubleroom, noisy neighbours and no upgrade.