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Month: September 2017

Where has the excitement gone?

Where has the excitement gone?

I am sitting in the Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2. I am about to get on a plane to Bangkok. I have done, and loved, long haul flights before. I am flying with Thai airways, an airline I have liked. I am going to a destination I enjoy and I am also going to a spend a few days in a Phnom Penh, a place I have wanted to visit.


Where is the excitement?

So why am I not excited? Is it that I am completely knackered from my day job? Is it that I am meeting a friend and spending some time with him and his family, something I have done before and enjoyed but am worried it could be different this time? There is a different culture between Europeans and Asians and sometimes  intentions are difficult, if not impossible, to read.


This time it’s different

I simply do not know why but for the first time my holiday does not seem to hold the excitement it usually does.


This is worrying as my holidays are special and are adventure away from the stresses of work and filial responsibility to an aged parent.


Perhaps that’s it. I know when I get back in a week it will all be the same and whilst I am away there is the anxiety of an impending crisis and the stress of the difficulties of dealing with it 6000 miles away.


This is worrying. It has not been a problem before and should not be now. Little has changed except anno domini.


Let’s hope that when I arrive the worries will fall away with the excitement of a diffierent culture and new places to see and experience.