Have I found my “mojo” again?

Have I found my “mojo” again?

So following my last blog have I re-found my mojo?


Yes, I think I have.


It took a while. Usually as soon as I get into the airport departure hall I am excited and looking forward to my trip. On the last occasion that did not happen. It took a few days.


Why did it take a while?

I think I was quite stressed and very tired so it took a few days to unwind and calm down.

Even when I arrived in Bangkok and then travelled to eastern Thailand I was not my usual self, despite some glorious countryside.


I found it in Cambodia

It was not until I got to Phnom Penh that I truly felt myself and started to enjoy my holiday

The city was different and interesting and a marked contrast to Bangkok


The Royal Palace was lovely and the city generally had a good feel. It was clearly rapidly developing.

Well worth the visit and the restoration of my excitement for travel

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