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Month: December 2018

Is Thai Airways removing the A380 from London? UPDATE

Is Thai Airways removing the A380 from London? UPDATE

I was wrong and right!

Following my last post it turned out that Thai Airways were temporarily using a 777 due to servicing of the A380 and it was not a permanent change.

I was really pleased to hear this and went on to book some flights upgrading to first

But then…

I got a phone call to tell me on the days I was flying the airline was only to be using a 777 so there was no first class. Really frustrating and disappointing. I had particularly planned my flights to be able to fly first class.

When I called the reservations they were not particularly helpful. I emailed the Royal Orchid Plus office and they were more helpful refunding my upgrade award. However, I note it is not yet recorded on my information on their website.

Service Demands

I realise the need to change aircraft at times but Thai have had an A380 on the midday flight and a 777 on the evening flight for ages and it seemed well established. It has not been explained why they decided to change. I presume due to falling passenger demand. However, had I known it was going to be a 777 then I would have taken the evening flight as this is more convenient for me.


I suppose I must accept that nothing is fixed even if they airlines have been flying the same airplanes for years. On a whim they can change.

C’est La Vie!