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Lounge Access – Take care who you book with

Lounge Access – Take care who you book with

The more I travel the more I learn. I realise a lot of my comments are obvious to seasoned travellers but I hope newbies gain some nuggets of useful information at times.


Recently I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. I booked with SilkAir. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. I booked the SilkAir flight rather than a Singapore Airlines flights as the timing was convenient. The flight was codeshared with both a SilkAir MI and a Singapore Airline SQ code.

Lounge Access – Denied

As I am a Star Alliance Gold Card holder I thought I would go to the Singapore Airlines lounge. Sadly this was not to be as I was not able to enter on an MI coded ticket. HAd I been on the same flight but with an SQ coded ticket then I could have had access. The same was true of the Thai Airways lounge.

Thankfully I also have a Priority Pass and so made use of the Plaza Premium Lounge.


But Why was I denied access?

So this is the obvious bit for the experienced. Even though SilkAir is completely owned by Singapore Airlines and is oft quoted as “the regional wing of Singapore Airlines” it is not a member of Star Alliance. It even says this on Wikipedia ( Hence there is no rights or privileges for Star Alliance status holders. Clever that and I suppose it saves Singapore Airlines some money.


Anyway I live and learn. The flight was good, quick and empty!