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Arrivederci Paris and Ciao Berlin

Arrivederci Paris and Ciao Berlin

I recently flew Air Berlin from Paris to  Berlin


Here is the Aeroplane

My German is not good but I don’t think this reads “Air Berlin”!


Surprise Surprise

Well yes I was surprised. When I booked I saw no suggestion the flight was to be operated by Alitalia

I wasn’t even aware of the partnership with Air Berlin when I booked.

Don’t get me wrong I have no real issue with this airline. It was over an hour late and was not very clean and was generally quite worn but that could be said of many airlines from budget to National carriers particularly when they are in a rush to turn a delayed flight around.

So weirdly I booked through Air Berlin, which has links to British Airways so received miles and tier points to fly an Italian plane.


Pot Luck?

I realise many companies codeshare and so you can fly a different carrier but I always thought this was announced on the booking site. Clearly not. Anyway it allows me to tick off the airlines I have flown!


Rare German inefficiency

Rare German inefficiency

I have just spent a few days in Berlin. I flew in and out of Tegel Airport.


Getting to and from the Airport

Berlin and the surroundings are covered by a network of trains; the U-Bahn. S Bahn, Trams and other rail services. The airport is not. You have to get a bus to and from Tegel.

When I arrived and found this out I purchased a cheap ticket that covered my journey and once validated was valid for 120 minutes (very efficient). The guy selling me the ticket told me where to go and change to the U-Bahn. I got it wrong and got off at the wrong stop but again was guided by helpful railway staff to the correct place. Despite getting on and off a bus and a train my single journey ticket remained valid.


When looking to return I found there was a bus to the airport from the center of the city fairly near my hotel so I would not have to change buses and trains. Great, I thought, and as I was travelling light it was not a problem to walk for a few minutes to the bus stop.


The Frustration

This is where the rather frustrating inefficiency arose. This is a bus to an airport. People using it have cases.


There was no where to put cases!!!


The bus was full and with cases and bags in the aisles being the only place to put them it was difficult to clamber over them to get down the bus.


Generally the transport system is efficient, and straightforward to use but why not install something so simple as a luggage rack? You would lose a few seats but so what. Perhaps this inefficiency can be corrected by the powers that be.


Otherwise a good time was had and Berlin is a very interesting and developing city.