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Funky Eva Air Lounge – Bangkok

Funky Eva Air Lounge – Bangkok

When I landed in Bangkok after leaving Sydney the gate was at the other end of the airport to the departure gate for my London flight.

As I was making my way to across the airport I noticed the Eva Air Lounge. I was able to access this with my Star Alliance Gold card.


The Lounge

it is really funky with strips of neon lights. I almost felt as if i were in a hall of mirrors. The lights were rather confusing and slightly disorientating.



However, it was funky and refreshing . Very different to others more staid lounges I have explored. It was quite comfortable with a fairly decent selection of self service food and drink



It doesn’t have a view of the airport hence the dynamic lighting.


Sadly I could not stay too long as the walk across the airport to the C gates for my London departure were calling.



This was an interesting and fresh and different lounge. It really made me think about flying Eva Air or at least nest time I go to Bangkok to get to the airport early to spend more time there.

My Final Holiday of 2016 – Thailand – Again!

My Final Holiday of 2016 – Thailand – Again!

I went back to Thailand in November. Yes, Thailand again. But this time a different place. I went to Koh Lanta in Krabi.

I was planning a beach holiday. Something I have not done for a long time. I felt I needed simply to sit and unwind. It did not work out quite that way. I think, mainly because I do not unwind by sitting in the sun going as red as a lobster. Instead I feel more relaxed people watching and exploring.

So I ended up touring the island, and travelling to neighbouring ones – Phi Phi and Phuket.

I snorkelled and even hired a motorbike to tour the island. I was pleased that I did. Last time I had used a motorcycle, in Chiang Mai, I had fallen off and hurt myself. This time no injuries, and had a great tour of the island. Thankfully the roads are not that busy so I could travel at my own pace and not have to contend with traffic.

I even chose to stay in a small guest house (Harmony House) rather that the luxury hotels I generally seek out. It was fantastic and very reasonably priced. It was right in the centre of town and overlooked the water. I was close to the ferry dock so was a little noisy in the morning and afternoon when the ferried departed or arrived but this was not a problem. It was fun to sit and watch the comings and goings.


I could stroll to many local restaurants for food and drink. My only complaint is the bed was a little firm for my taste but that would not stop me returning.

In Conclusion

My “beach” holiday became an exploration and gentle activity holiday. Just right and relaxing. Sadly all too soon forgotten on returning to the stresses of workaday life.

But I will be back and am also planning my 2017 holidays.


Repeat visits

Repeat visits

I tend to travel alone and to organise my own flight and accommodation. I have, in the past, gone on some fantastic holidays that were organised by a company. I have been to Everest this way for example and had a great time.

Sunrise over Everest
Sunrise over Everest

For some reason , over the last few years I have become an independant traveler. The issue that arises for me now is where to go. I traveled to Thailand, and then went again and again and again…..

OK, I went to different places, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, but in each case I find myself returning.

Wat Phra Singh Vihara Laai Kham

Sometimes it is because there is more to see but sometimes it feels that I am doing it for safety. It is a place I know and so I know how to get around, and what to do.

I have had excellent times and met some interesting people. But as I plan another holiday I find myself considering Thailand again. Do I go to Chiang Rai,


Krabi or do I just go back to Bangkok

Why do I keep going back? Well I love the atmosphere and the people so sitting and people watching is always fun. Exploring another Chiang Mai temple is interesting and enlightening but I am not sure.

So I sit here pondering my next holiday. I have some Thai Airways  points to use so I will pass through Thailand but do I go further? More thought needed.