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Have I found my “mojo” again?

Have I found my “mojo” again?

So following my last blog have I re-found my mojo?


Yes, I think I have.


It took a while. Usually as soon as I get into the airport departure hall I am excited and looking forward to my trip. On the last occasion that did not happen. It took a few days.


Why did it take a while?

I think I was quite stressed and very tired so it took a few days to unwind and calm down.

Even when I arrived in Bangkok and then travelled to eastern Thailand I was not my usual self, despite some glorious countryside.


I found it in Cambodia

It was not until I got to Phnom Penh that I truly felt myself and started to enjoy my holiday

The city was different and interesting and a marked contrast to Bangkok


The Royal Palace was lovely and the city generally had a good feel. It was clearly rapidly developing.

Well worth the visit and the restoration of my excitement for travel

Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew Tea

I have discovered cold brew tea.

This is a minor revelation to me and having read about cold brew coffee  as a good way to make iced coffee I suppose I should have thought about the same process to make iced tea, but it never crossed my mind.

However, I recently travelled to Taiwan. This is a country that loves its teas both traditional and up to date by way of “bubble tea”.


I was in a tea merchants in Taipei. Here I was tasting some teas and also a green cold brewed tea.


I found this very refreshing. I was told that you somply needed to put the tea into cold water and leave in the fridge overnight.

I have tried this with green, black and jasmine teas. All seem to brew really well and it seems that if left they do not deteriorate or become bitter, ie become over brewed.

I just use a cafetiere.

So this is a great discovery that I will be using frequently.

Blog dedication

Blog dedication

It has been a while since I posted to my blog.

My dedication has been poor but I do have another very full time job. Yes, it is an excuse and I am sure I could have found time to write something.

I note many of the “professional” and full time bloggers have a group of writers which certainly spreads the load.

Also as a full time blogger there is nothing else to distract you and your sole focus is on the news pertaining to the blog. I am not sure I really want to post on the latest headlines or who got dragged off which plane and which airline was rude and unhelpful to its customers. Many are reporting such things and it is saddening that these events occur. It certainly leaves a poor taste in one’s mouth when considering “customer service”. I will leave that to others.

Nor do I really want to comment on other headlines about the falling profits of airlines or the design factors for a business or fist class product.

I comment on my impression of the service and experience I personally receive as a 50 year old user.

It really is a challenge and I admire those singletons who can post very regularly. I can only but try.


So what now?

Well, I will continue and do my best to post more on the things that interest me. This will be my experiences of travel – airlines, airports and destinations.

Having had a hard couple of months in my day job I now have a week off. I am travelling to Europe, slightly different to my usual “adventures” but equally as exciting.

I will be posting some opinions as I go…..


Sydney Olympic Park – Slightly Spooky

Sydney Olympic Park – Slightly Spooky

I had heard that the Olympic park originally built for the 2000 Sydney olympics was worth a visit as there was a lot going on. I am afraid I have to disagree although my judgement may be coloured by my mode of arrival.


Up river to the Olymics

I had the great idea of arriving by water. I jumped on the Paramatta bound ferry and had a lovely 45 minutes cruise deep into the western reaches of the harbour. I admired the waterside properties and marvelled at the number of Sydney houses that have a view of the water.

Sydney suburbs stretch out in all directions for miles and are a real mix of house designs and sizes.

After admiring the eclectic properties I arrived at the Sydney Olympic Park quay and got off the ferry looking forward to admiring the legacy of the olympics.


Where are the Stadia?

Not quite what I expected. Clearly during the games there were shuttle buses, Now I walked. It was a very long way and not really clearly marked.  It took an age to get there. I ended up crossing a “feature”. A water filled hole where, I think. They used to mine clay to make bricks.



Is there anyone there?

When I eventually arrived at the Olympic site the place seemed really deserted and ghostly.

I came across the Charles Moses Stadium and this was in a state of disrepair.

I am not sure what this was used for in the Olympic s but is now used for a log throwing event.

As I walked though the place the other stadia were clearly in use but the place is massive and felt so empty

I am not alone

As I reached the ANZ stadium and the railway station area there were other people around.  There does appear to be some offices and businesses in their area.

Had I arrived by train I think my impression would have been a little different.

The area is used for a number of events and clearly has enormous capacity for showpiece events but feels underused.

This seems the same  of many old Olympic venues, even those that made  a profit, which I believe Sydney did.


So it did initially feel spooky but clearly there is some life in the area still. Just don’t arrive by boat.